EuroPride 2010 – Warsaw, Poland July 10th

EuroPride 2010, Gay Russia, Gay Belarus, Gay Rights, Human RIghts, Warsaw PolandHonestly, I was really looking forward to EuroPride.  It was a chance to meet up with a small group of people who have come to mean a lot to me.  Had it really been two months since Minsk and Moscow?  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my time there.  In the photo above, Sergey Yenin greets Nikolai Alekseev at the Warsaw International Airport.

EuroPride 2010, Gay Russia, Gay Belarus, Gay Rights, Human RIghts, Warsaw PolandI was also really happy to also meet up with Australian film makers Logan Mucha and Jack Giles.  I first met these two in Minsk, and they have helped me out in more ways than one.  Information on their film East Bloc Love can be found here I will never be able to thank them enough.  Here Logan interviews an organizer of EuroPride outside of the Pride House.

Let’s also not forget Andy Harley who runs UK Gay News found at: Andy, who is 71 years old, has a long and fascinating career in journalism.

EuroPride 2010Nikolai Alekseev and Sergey Yenin give a speech on the situation of LGBT Rights in their home countries at Pride House.

EuroPride 2010, Volker Beck, Nikolai AlekseevEuroPride, Volker Beck, Sergey YeninGerman Parliament Member and Human Rights activist Volker Beck meets up with Nikolai and Sergey.  To know more about Volker Beck’s long career in Human Rights click here :

EuroPride 2010, Big Gay Movie, Beyond GayWe were also able to meet up with some of the team  of Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride.  From left to right are Ken Coolen, Morris Chapdelaine, and Bob Christie.  Their site is located here

EuroPride 2010While a group of protestors did demonstrate in front of the Pride House one night, no major problems occurred there.  However, homophobic stickers were put on the Pride House windows more than once.

EuroPride 2010Rev. Szymon Niemiec from the Christian United Church gave a very touching sermon and blessing before the Pride.

EuroPride 2010Sergey is prepared for a TV interview on Gay Rights in Belarus.

Euro Pride 2010EuroPride 2010Protestors threw eggs, yelled hate speech, gave out bibles and some even threw holy water.  However, there was a very large police presence and I didn’t hear of anyone being physically assaulted.

EuroPride 2010EuroPride 2010But of course the Pride went on. I thought  it was a very good mix of a party atmosphere and a Human Rights demonstration.

EuroPride 2010Poland holds the first EuroPride ever in eastern Europe.  Around 8,000 people attended and no one was physically assaulted.  It was a fine day.


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Charles “Chad” Meacham (Project photographer) Charles was born just outside of Philadelphia, PA, and began traveling immediately after high school. He picked up a camera at the age of 30, and has since been fortunate to win over 20 international awards including those from National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, and PDN magazines. The idea for this project was sparked after attending the 2009 Taipei Pride event, one of the largest pride parades in Asia. For other examples of his work visit: Sarah Baxter (Project Coordinator) Sarah is the “blogging guru” of this project, and is contact person/organizer. Born in Athens, Ohio, Sarah enjoys traveling, and has since taken up residence in Los Angeles, NE Thailand, North Africa, and most recently in Taipei, Taiwan.
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