London Pride – July, 3rd 2010

London Pride, Gay Rights, LGBT, UK, QueenLondon Pride, Hate Crimes, Gay Rights, LGBT Rights, UKI showed up at London Pride expecting a huge party, which of course it was.  However, I was extremely happy to see that the march is still a platform for many Human Rights groups.  I think the photographs are a small example of the two very different sides of Pride, an aspect that as an individual I struggle with.

London Pride, UK, Gay Rights, Mark AmesMark Ames is a prominent club owner in London, he recently vowed to boycott all Muslim owned businesses in the UK.

London Pride, UK, God, protest, homophobia, Gay RightsThere was a small group of religious protestors at the Pride.  However, I have to say that this is the first Pride that I have been to where the police were there to protect the protestors from the participants.

London Pride, Rainbow Flag, Gay Rights, Human Rights, LGBTAfter being in so many countries where even having a Rainbow Flag is a struggle, seeing this symbol balled up on the street and left waiting for collection for over an hour, really disturbed me.

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Charles “Chad” Meacham (Project photographer) Charles was born just outside of Philadelphia, PA, and began traveling immediately after high school. He picked up a camera at the age of 30, and has since been fortunate to win over 20 international awards including those from National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, and PDN magazines. The idea for this project was sparked after attending the 2009 Taipei Pride event, one of the largest pride parades in Asia. For other examples of his work visit: Sarah Baxter (Project Coordinator) Sarah is the “blogging guru” of this project, and is contact person/organizer. Born in Athens, Ohio, Sarah enjoys traveling, and has since taken up residence in Los Angeles, NE Thailand, North Africa, and most recently in Taipei, Taiwan.
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